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We endeavour to comply with current web standards and best practice to
ensure that our material can be easily accessed in as many different ways as
possible. If you have any difficulties please contact us.


All activity on our website and the Winterhighland app is recorded in our server logs which will include the IP address of you computer and the web pages
accessed. If you are logged in and browsing course material through the ‘My Courses’ section, then we will also record your user
name with each access. This information may be used for statistical purposes to satisfy the organisations and companies with whom
we partner and who fund our activities. In addition our funding obligations may require us to pass on personal details.

We are registered under the UK Data Protection Act, registration number Z179119X.

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The authentication for all autotrain user accounts uses cookies, so in order to log into your account you will need to have cookie support enabled in your web browser.
The cookie holds information which identifies you to our server once you have logged in and will persist until you close down your web browser.
Cookies are also used for essential tracking purposes during the account creation process.


Some parts of the Autotrain site require JavaScript support. Please ensure that you have this function enabled (see you browsers help files).
We have had reports that some anti-virus products are disabling javascript functions required by the autotrain website, this has been known to
affect the registration form. However, normal popup ad blockers should not cause any problems.
Note : Javascript may also be referred to as ‘Active Scripting’ or ‘ECMA script’ by your browsers documentation.

Java Applets

Some elements of this site require Java support. Please ensure you have this enabled.
If your browser does not have java support, you can download the Java virtual machine
which should work in most modern web browsers.
Note : Older versions of Internet explorer may refer to the Java Virtual Machine as the
Microsoft Virtual Machine. This version of Java is obsolete and you should upgrade using the link above.

Error Messages

If you get pages containing the message ‘Internal Server errors’ or ‘unable to process directive’ within them, this usually means that we are updating some part
of the code that runs the ‘back-end’ of the website and have re-initialised the web-server. Usually if you hit reload after 2-3 seconds, the problem will go away.
If the problem persists, then please report it to us.