Free Courses in Craftsmanship with a Reward!

EuroMotor AutoTrain LLP has been working with the International Automotive Research Centre of the University of Warwick to communicate through e-learning the results of the Premium Automotive Research and Development (PARD) Programme.

PARD was set up to support the luxury automotive vehicle sector. It consists of a portfolio of research and development projects, aimed at enhancing the manufacturing and design capabilities of UK supplier companies.

This course, developed by the Craftsmanship project team on the Warwick University PARD programme, covers three important and related subjects which are particularly relevant to the delivery of automotive trim components. These are:

  1. Fixtures
  2. Measurement Systems and Reporting
  3. Customer Perspective Auditing

These three subjects are presented in three separate sessions within the course and are accompanied by an on-line library of further information which can be downloaded.

You can access these courses through the main AutoTrain website or the PARD portal on You can login with your existing AutoTrain username and use the add/remove courses function in My Courses to add the PARD Craftsmanship course to your account. You can also register as a new user.

As a reward for completing the courses we offer free access to the full AutoTrain suite of over 100 training programmes for 2 months. This has a value of £24. The modules each take about two hours to complete.

Each one of three modules concludes with a straight-forward on-line assessment, consisting of a number of multiple choice questions, based on the information provided within the session. In order to apply for the certificate of completion for the course, participants must complete the on-line assessments, scoring 80% or over, and also demonstrate application of the knowledge gained, within the workplace. This is achieved by completing the Learning Opportunity Evidence Sheet at the end of the course, where participants must give a brief description of how they have used the information provided and enter number of hours spent applying the knowledge. Once a participant can demonstrate 30 hours of learning and application on the evidence sheet they can submit it in order to receive the certificate of completion. You will then receive the free access.

Cedric Ashley

Chairman, EuroMotor AutoTrain LLP