EuroMotor Project

Below you will find a description of the University of Birmingham EuroMotor Project, hosted by Research Enterprise Services. This project was a forerunner of EuroMotor-AutoTrain LLP.

EuroMotor was formed in 1990 to improve the knowledge base of the European motor industry through high-level technical collaborative training.

EuroMotor® broke new ground by bringing together universities and car manufacturers to address training issues on a Europe-wide basis. The most important aspect of the project is the European dimension. Bringing together staff, managers, engineers, technicians and trainers from different companies and organisations results in cross fertilisation of ideas and practices.

The first phase of EuroMotor® was supported by COMETT for technological training and FORCE for Vocational Training. Euromotor has been supported by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the European Commission Directorate for Education Training and Youth. This support is particularly directed at the development of an Automotive Masters degree.


  • To develop a European network of manufacturers, suppliers, universities and associations to work together to address the training and skill needs of the automotive industry.
  • To critically examine the engineering skills/educational requirements of the industry and to meet these needs through a series of training projects and courses using appropriate modern educational technologies.
  • To hold colloquia, seminars and conferences to develop the interaction and cross-fertilisation of ideas in training across the automotive industry.
  • To continue the industry and university developed courses in technology and modern organisation.
  • To examine the possibilities of developing a system of accreditation for continuing education and personal development for European Automotive Engineers.


Euromotor courses are developed by individual universities and institutions to meet the defined needs of the Euromotor network. Courses have so far been held in vehicle dynamics, numerical methods, advanced engine concepts, vehicle safety, materials processing, modal analysis, pneumatic tyres, ic engines, engine noise & vibration control, sheet metal forming, advanced casting techniques, high energy beam surface modification, rapid prototyping, body engineering, smart vehicle, driver-vehicle interaction and human factors, active chassis control, vehicle-vehicle & vehicle-roadside interaction, lean manufacture, simultaneous engineering. In total Euromotor has organised or co-sponsored over forty courses and events.


Euromotor has worked with many partners on projects over the years, some of our partners, past and present are listed below :-

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PSA Peugeot Citroen PSA Peugeot Citroen Web Site
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University of Birmingham
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
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